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Thai massages from real Thai masseurs

There is nothing better than a real regenerative or relaxing experience after a hard day at work, sports, hiking ... Whatever your work or personal activity or lifestyle, find a place and time just for yourself ... Because every time for yourself is always rewarding. Most of all, you will be rewarded with a Thai massage in Ketom.
This means that booking online for a Thai massage in Ústí nad Labem will make you feel much better!

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It is performed on the floor or on a bed with a harder mattress in loose and comfortable clothing. Those who receive Thai massage also receive many of the effects of yoga practice, which is known as hatha yoga. Thai massage also includes rhythmic movements, palm and finger pressures along the energy pathways, sensitive stretching.

Relaxing massage on a bare body massaged with towels and quality massage oil. In combination with traditional Thai massage and friction and kneading techniques, it removes tension, fatigue, pain and sets mental and physical harmony. It can also be offered in combination with aroma massages with price differences.

Adapted oil Thai relaxation massage for expectant mothers. Relieves nausea and headaches. It acts against pain in the spine, reduces swelling of the legs and generally has a beneficial effect on the health of the mother and the baby's fetus. It calms the mother's muscles and the souls of both. It is recommended until the eighth month of pregnancy.

Take a look at our range of services we provide. The range of services is made exactly the kind of massage you want. If we don't offer it, let us know. Everyone is different, but now try to choose the one that you think may suit you and we will focus on a physical problem, a part of the body or we will lose strength for relaxation.

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"Byli jsme moc a moc spokojeni. Mužeme doporučit všem, stojí to za to. Moc příjemní lidé. Určitě se budeme těšit příště. Zlatý ručičky paní KET. Kdo nevyzkouší, nepozná. Děkujeme a těšíme se příště."


"Vynikající. Budu se rád vracet. Doporučuji!"


"Určitě se brzy opět objednám a mám i super dárek pro přítele, který dostane masáž jako dárek k narozeninám."


"Přesně to, co potřebujete, když vás bolí celý člověk. Paní Ket si sama všechna ta bolavá místečka najde a vy domů odcházíte s novým, opět fungujícím tělem. Určitě to nebyla má poslední návštěva. Vřele doporučuji!"


"Masérka je velmi precizní, vyhmátne-li místo, kde máte problém, věnuje se mu se zvýšenou pozorností."


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Our branch for Thai massage

Moskevská 5 (opposite the entrance to the Clarion Hotel car park)
the same entrance as to the restaurant
1st Floor

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Always according to available time slots in the reservation system

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In our booking system we offer the possibility to choose the intensity of the massage....
We have been at Moskevská 5 in Ústí nad Labem for a long time and we...
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