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There’s nothing like better than a real regeneration or relaxing experience after a busy day… Whatever your field of work or a personal activity lifestyle is, there’s always room for more… Because an additional time to pacify yourself is always rewarding… We founded this Usti nad Labem city center-based Thai massage salon for just this one simple purpose. Reward yourself with our Thai Massage, by booking for a Thai massage session for your better feeling of body and mind !

Traditional Thai Massage

It is done on the ground or on a bed with a harder mattress in a loose and comfortable garment. Whoever receives Thai massage at the same time accepts many of the effects of yoga exercises known as hathaiogo. The Thai massage also includes rhythmic movements, palms and fingers along the energy lines, sensitive stretching ..

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Thai Oil Massage

Relaxing massage on a naked body massaged with using towels and high-quality massage oil. Combined with traditional Thai massage and friction and kneading techniques, it relieves tension, fatigue, pain and adjusts mental and physical harmony. Can be offered in combination with other procedures.

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Ústí nad Labem

Thai Massage for Pregnant

Customized Thai Thai Relaxing Massage for Expectant Parents. It relieves feelings of nausea and headaches. It works against spinal pain, reduces foot swelling and overall affects the health of mothers and baby. Calms the muscles of the mother and soul of both. It is recommended until the eighth month of pregnancy.

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Ústí nad Labem

Other Thai massages

Check out our full range of services. The range of services is exactly the same as the massage you want. If not, let us know. Everyone is different, but try to choose the one you think will suit for you and we can focus on the body problem, part of the body or on relaxation.

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News and Events

Whatever will happen or already happened. Newly added updates about us.

Jojoba oil

We use massage oil with a blend of jojoba oil, which has beneficial effects on the skin and therefore it is also suitable for skin that is very sensitive.
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