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The new rule has been working for several days

We have been building our client base for over 4 years. Right now from 2. December 2016 in Usti nad Labem and from autumn 2020 in Děčín. Not many people ordered came to us during that time. They ordered and then did not come. They always had the option to cancel the reservation 4 before the deadline. A short time before the deadline, it is difficult to book a deadline. Although some places on massage have a rule that can only be canceled the day before, we have set 4h as a very fair time before it can be canceled. We also introduced later Membership base, in which reservations can be moved more conveniently without losing the redeemed coupon ( massage as a gift).

Mostly newbies

It does not happen that the current client does not come and cause us damage.

That's why we diddecided to introduce a prepayment for everyone who still has us they were not . Payment by card or gift coupon.

It may seem strange to some, but it is important for us not to lose the fact that someone (such as the competition) makes a reservation for us and causes us damage (wage costs, etc.).

Pay your first bookings in advance

Pay each of your first bookings in advance.

So we are now grading our clients:

  • newcomers (must pay in advance)
  • regular (they are acquainted with the conditions of the reservation, they can cancel the reservation or move and they can pay at the branch)
  • VIP (have a discount on all their future bookings)

Newbies, if you think you've been new for too long, write us.

More on losing for benefits for members.