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Ketmanee and Tomáš established company Ketom s.r.o in midle of year 2016. They wanted to spend more of time together. Ketmanee used to work at a thai massage salon in Prague from 10 am to 10 pm everyday exept one day a week. We wanted to manage our lives alone. We wished to represent our Thai massage services just as not something for a curious pepole but as a real Thai massage theraphy.

Our fist member came for Thai massage just 2nd of December 2016 when Ketmanee got work permit for working with Ketom s.r.o. She worked only in here one free day in a week just for the purpose to get some customers and being ready for full time job from 1st of February 2017. She is available to provice best service since just like almost every day.

Ket + Tom

Just for you

We are glad to provide you Thai massage not just as a relaxing massage but as helpful for your body and mind. The people that became our members just not understand of the quality of provided Thai massage. They understand what real Thai massage means and how Ketom can help them. We just help people and we are proud of that. If you still have a doubt so you can check our reviews on social networks provided our members. Some of them say that Thai massage is better than some expensive holiday.

Ask masseuse about how to improve your theraphy. How to stretch your body and exercise. If you will follow her advice so you can make Thai massage more effective.

If you have any need to discuss anything with us so just do not hesitate to contact us with contact form before your booked appointment so we can get ready for better advice to you.

Peple see Ket as a very skillful professional.

Just also become a member through our booking online with booking system which is also in English and attend planned appointments periodically.