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Ketmanee and Tomáš founded the company Ketom sro in the middle of 2016 so that they could spend more time together and therefore so that Ketmanee would not have to work in a Thai salon in Prague from 10 am to 10 pm every day. Would you call it slavery? So not like this: We wanted to take care of everything ourselves. And so that Thai massage is not just something for a curious person who wants to try something other than sports massage (Swedish massage). It's a joy to be able to help.

We accepted the first Ketom member December 2, 2016, when Ket received permission from the state to work for his company Ketom. Until 31. January 2017, she worked at Ketom on her one day off a week to gain new members. From 1st February 2017, Ketom salon is available almost anytime according to reservations online. We started at a completely different address.

Tom bet on Ket's dexterity and Ket bet on Tom that it would work together. Today it works better and better. We grow and think about how we can make things better. Ket is learning Czech, so in the future we could open another branch for Thai massages and maybe a fast food place with Thai food, hairdressing, etc. But Tom will never massage. More info. There are really only professional hands and the approach of a masseur.

We're here for you

We are happy to offer you a Thai massage from Ketom, which is not only relaxation, but also help from physical problems. People who have not been to our country yet and are still waiting for their Thai massage from Ketom will then understand in time what they can do for them. Thai massage mean and how Ketom sro team will help you. You can also find out indirectly on our websites and social networks. This means that in a relatively short time since the end of 2016, we have good reviews.

You can also ask the masseuse how you should exercise at home, stretch and thus increase the effectiveness of the massage. Get rid of or alleviate physical problems, increase physical and mental health. The masseuse can go through the necessary exercises with you.

If you are interested in consulting something with us, you can also contact us with help contact form (so we can prepare for the problem) and then order a massage. We will prepare the answers and we will answer or demonstrate during the massage. We try to be helpful. It's up to you if you communicate with us.

As time goes on, we do the job really well and people reward us with great reviews.

Become a Ketom member by staying with us you book Thai massage online.

Ket a Tom v roce 2016 na úplně první adrese v Velká Hradební, Ústí nad Labem

Ket and Tom in 2016 at the very first address in Velká Hradební, Ústí nad Labem . Today we are at a different address and we are trying our team expand.