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Also available on Saturdays and Sundays.
Payment in the salon in cash, meal voucher or voucher. Coupon in the reservation system. Card payments are also only available in the reservation system.

Click on the branch and book online:

With an overview of all available terms depending on the selected length of the procedure and type. Busy is not displayed.

If you have no total contraidication of massage and agree with booking conditions and using personal data, select a branch by clicking on it and continue booking.

Canceled forever: Špitálské náměstí 3, Ústí nad Labem

For Thai massage for two and more people follow the instructions in the link above.

Benefit vouchers

We accept vouchers from these publishers cannot be combined issued by us discount coupons . This means that you can use our discount coupon or voucher from this issuer to make a payment at the salon:

Cadhoc, Unišek (all types), Gallery Beta

Benefits payment card or app

Vouchers Compliments, Multi, Sport & Kultura