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Gift coupons are electronic codes (more info here). They have similar uses as vouchers. Or as discount coupons.

Sent by email and set to an amount or as 100 discount on the ordered service and on the ordered number of repetitions. Or they are only set to a certain percentage as a discount within an action.

The buyer is acquainted with the medical condition of the recipient or as a user and is aware that at the time of publication does not prevent the endoated with any contraindications, which could prevent the use of the purchased voucher or coupon. The user is taken into account that it is subsequently familiared with the possible contraindications to the massage.

We recommend that the recipient or user take advantage of the coupon at the earliest possible time, which our online booking system offers. Any incidental events (such as a change in health status) that may arise after the coupon has been issued and the use of the coupon will not be taken into account.

Coupons must be redeemed in our booking system in the coupons box. The resulting price is then displayed after redemption. The final price will be paid when visiting the lounge area. Unused set amount will be forfeited immediately by using the coupon.

The duration of the coupon is determined in the list of product properties in the eshop and the initial status is from the date of ordering.


The validity of the voucher or coupon is terminated by the use or expiry date of the validity or copying. The holder of the coupon must protect it from use by another person.

Each coupon can be redeemed for only one procedure at a specific time of booking. This cannot use a coupon for multiple bookings in the basket of booking system. In case you book multiple procedures at once, the booking system may report you an invalid coupon. Leave only one procedure in the cart. Then you can redeem the coupon.


The reservation system has its terms of use, which the buyer takes into account. These are also the booking conditions (orders).

We process personal data more according to the conditions of processing of personal data.

Demonstrable coupon application is displayed in the membership base.

The terms and conditions are valid from 18 1. 2020
Booking conditions