Professional Thai massages

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We offer a discount for those who have not been with us yet and are hesitant

Everyone who has never been to our country must pay in advance with a card (if he does not want to use the gift voucher) and has the opportunity to try a massage at a discount. In the reservation system, enter and apply the code in the coupon field: " Ketom" (without quotes, of course). The discount is deducted from the final price and it is then payable by card. In case of a plan change, the reservation can be moved in Membership base at any time 4 hours before the scheduled date. The payment and the applied discount will be moved to the newly selected date in the Membership Base.

Massage reservation is needed according to booking conditions create it yourself and on your details, otherwise we will cancel your reservation and you will also lose the discount. With the first reservation you become our Ketom member and our massages are only for members, ie for those who created the reservation themselves and on their own. Everyone gains status "Newcomer" at the beginning. Newcomers must always pay in advance. The status change is possible later, when we are sure that you can reschedule or cancel the reservation online.