Professional Thai massages

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With an order from the government of the Czech Republic, we were forced to limit our services. We had to close our Thai massage salons until at least the end of the state of emergency 3. 11. 2020. This date will probably be postponed. Rather, we expect to open our Thai massages sometime in December 2020.

Buy a massage as a gift

The online store for the purchase of massage as a gift is in operation, so according to your online orders and payments, we will deliver gift coupons in the traditional way by email.

A shop for Thai products also opened

Our Ketom Shop this government regulation does not apply, so you can buy mostly products from Thailand in this store.

Redeem coupons by expiration date. Transfer prepayments and redeemed coupons to the membership base

All purchased massage as a gift apply in our reservation system until the validity date of these gift vouchers for the following dates, which are displayed in the reservation system, even after the marked validity date of these coupons. In the event that the restriction lasts longer than the free dates currently offered, Move these appointments with payments and coupons in Membership base. You can find it in the menu under Benefits for members.