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Gift Voucher ( hereinafter referred to as the voucher) is a security issued for a certain period of time and thus until the effective date and in the name of the donee. It can only be used for the specific purpose or value for which the voucher was issued. If the voucher states that it can be used for another service and if it is stated that it can be used for a certain service in a given time range, it is only possible to take into account the current price the service which is entitled. In this case, a supplement can be made as the difference between the current price of the title service in the given range and the price of the service that the given recipient ordered as our member.

The buyer is acquainted with the health status of the recipient and is aware that at the time of issue does not prevent the recipient contraindication which could prevent the use of the purchased voucher.

We recommend that the recipient (i.e. the person entitled to the voucher) use the voucher at the earliest possible date offered by our online booking system. Any incidental events (such as a change in health status) that may arise after the issuance of the voucher and prevent the use of the voucher will not be taken into account.

As payments are mainly accepted in advance, payment by voucher can be used as well. To use the voucher, the recipient will have to sign the given voucher before the salon worker, confirming the use of the voucher. The salon worker can identify the person who is applying the voucher.

These terms apply to all vouchers ordered through our online store, telephone or in person.

The duration of the voucher is determined in the list of product properties in the eshop and the initial status of the validity is from the date of ordering.

The validity of the voucher is terminated by use, signature, expiry date or copying. The holder of the voucher must protect the voucher from copying. The recipient’s identification is not enforceable.

Each voucher has its own number.

The reservation system has its terms of use, which the buyer takes into account. These are also the booking conditions (orders).

The gift voucher is not a coupon.

We process personal data more according to the processing conditions personal data.

The conditions are valid from 25. 6. 2018