Professional Thai massages

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Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil

We started using massage oil with additives jojoba oil, which has beneficial effects on the skin and is therefore also suitable for skin that is very sensitive.

Jojoba oil has a regenerative effect on the skin, it smoothes the skin nicely, hydrates it and gives the skin greater elasticity. It is not a problem with it in case of contact with hair. Thanks to the vitamin E contained in it, it also provides them with the necessary protection. Together with unsaturated fatty acids in jojoba oil, it provides the skin with the necessary nutrition. Although it is referred to as an oil, it is actually a wax that has a melting point of about seven degrees.

On Thai massage we use this oil in combination with classic neutral oil. The product is free of dyes, perfumes and preservatives. We still mix this oil with ours essential oils In addition to perfume-free oil, you also have a choice for aromatherapy effect.