Professional Thai massages

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For several years now, we have been selling massages as a gift online as an interesting alternative to massage vouchers , which we have been issuing in paper form since 2016, but as the world changes, so do the ways in which massages can be displayed as a gift. Therefore, it is becoming more and more our preference to deliver these gifts with delivery by email and the possibility of self-printing. We always printed the classic vouchers ourselves and were in the name of the recipient in a gold envelope without any additional fee for the envelope.

We offer both types of gift in paper and electronic versions . So we call the paper vouchers and in the electronic one they are coupons , which also represent the code that is entered into our reservation system, so we can easily identify the paid service such as. Thai massage.

The preference for selling massages online as coupons is therefore all the stronger since we introduced the need for newcomers to pay in advance by card or coupon. Although vouchers also have a number that can be entered in the note field to identify a novice trying to redeem a gift voucher for their first visit. Gift vouchers purchased at are thus also an opportunity to be more easily identified as a paid massage. In the past, the inexperienced also rarely succeeded that although coupons must be redeemed in the reservation system, they came up with a printed version of the coupon (the attachment we send and so the printed code itself was unacceptable as a voucher under the terms of the coupons ).

If you have a lot of work and want to save time traveling to our establishments, please buy massages as a gift from us online in the form of a coupon. Therefore, you will then print or forward the gift voucher. Forwarding such a gift can be timed in some email services to be sent at the right time.

The advantage of gift vouchers is also that they are not in the name and therefore the use is not tied to any person. It can be used by anyone who does not have general contraindications to massage .

We sell massages as a gift all year round for any occasion.