Professional Thai massages

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We were dissatisfied for a long time with his performance and for a long time he did not follow the employer's instructions. Subsequently, he could also be dissatisfied with the number of clients he could massage in a whole month. From the amount of work done, he could also be paid bonuses, which he did not achieve due to the very small number of hours worked. This was caused by a covid pandemic, possibly with the quality of his work and the very low quality of his communication skills. So we agreed on the termination of the employment contract and on this day, it is no longer possible to book it. We also ask the other few clients who have a reservation with him after 15. July 2021 to move it in Membership base and if when booking specifically chose him to us contacted with a request for a change of transfer to another employee.


* When a reservation is created without an employee's preference, when moving in the Member Base, the date changes according to the time selection to a random employee who is available at the selected time.