Professional Thai massages

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The situation as the disintegration of the government of the Czech Republic comes is not entirely happy. Not all of our masseurs have been vaccinated on this day, and as soon as the clients heard on television that the first dose of two-phase vaccination would be accepted after 22 days, they demanded that this confirmation be applied. Unfortunately, there are two factors. One is that we can have our own measure, which can be found (linked) on our Booking site with regard to the immunization of our employees and then the fact that even if you are vaccinated with the first dose or even the second, you may be infectious but not feel no signs of disease.

Therefore, for the above reasons, we prefer that you bring an ideally fresh confirmation of a negative test and thus protect our workers against infection with this disease. Then, of course, according to the previous scheme, we welcome a second vaccination at least 14 days old, as well as a preference for fresh vaccination.

Currently valid for all our branches:

  • You need to come in a respirator that you will need to wear on your mouth and nose. And only if you have a face down in the face hole at the massage bed, you don't have to.
  • And from that date you will need to bring a confirmation IN PAPER FORM (no photos in the phone and SMS)
    • for antigen negative test not older than 72 hours or negative PCR test not older than 7 days;
    • or proof of covid not older than 180 days (6 months);
    • or vaccination certificate - in the case of two-phase vaccination, a certificate showing the 22-day-old vaccination and the single-phase vaccination schedule for the same period and at the same time must not be more than 9 months old;
    • or a certificate of in-service testing (The employer will write a solemn declaration with your personal data, indicate when it was tested and the time, mention the test result). Not older 72 hours test. whose at school at the same time
  • If you come in a respirator and do not have a confirmation, you can buy from us self test according to price list and thus prove non-infectivity in the establishment by self-testing.

However, if these obligations seem unsatisfactory for you, then be sure to move the reservation in membership base so come another day. Likewise, we do not recommend that you go elsewhere where the staff is irresponsible by not following the measures against the spread of covid and not setting up a safe environment for all.