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Here you have an overview of all scheduled meetings, you can easily reschedule them. Update your information as needed.
Do not reschedule bookings that are due 4 hours before the date and then if you reschedule them for another time, the booking will be manually (humanly) moved back to the original time. Failure to show up for your appointment will result in a 100% cancellation fee being charged and the terms and conditions of your subsequent booking being changed until this fee is paid. If you have paid in advance (by card, coupon or season ticket), the payment will be forfeited as a 100% cancellation fee and the membership conditions will not change.

Access to the Member Base may be granted outside of night hours to maximize the protection of personal data. At night, login attempts are redirected to the main page of the site.

Don't know your password? After entering the wrong login details, you will be offered a link to generate a new one.

Alternatively, if there is a problem generating a password, write to us. Describe which account it is (mainly your email address and name) and we will send you a new password.
Then change the newly created password after logging in to the Member Base.

We will delete your personal data as required by email or via contact form. Change your details here after logging in.
More information is contained by conditions for the handling of personal data.