Professional Thai massages

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We’ve started showing only the closest available appointment of each day to optimize the booked time of the staff member you book for the procedure. A simpler option would be to be able to offer only massage variations in one time length. Then displaying all the time windows of the working day would be easier, but unfortunately this is not possible because each procedure also has a menu of multiple time options, because each client is different: they have a problem in a different range and also the body size is different for each.

Now, just like at the doctor’s office.

Optimization of pro-reservation has been needed for a long time. Some clients did not choose their times judiciously, so it happened that clients left large gaps, which we had to respond to by manual optimization. The practice of being offered the earliest available appointment can be seen with doctors who, through their nurses, are only offered the earliest available appointment. Often there is not even a term much to choose from. They simply give you only the closest one and then you have to take a complicated leave of absence.

If you don’t have the time, someone else will do it.

And then you may see another date that is available that day. It is therefore advisable to check the booking system more often to make a better choice of timeslots.

Do you want a later or earlier date?

Yes, you can also influence this in case you want a later date, so try to choose a longer massage option. If you need an earlier date for a given day, you may be lucky to get an earlier date if you choose a shorter treatment.