Professional Thai massages

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From 3rd September, a new masseuse, Ayura, who came to visit us from Thailand, started working in the Thai massage salon in Ústí nad Labem. He has extensive experience. She has worked in several countries around the world. She even lived in the UK for 14 years, so we are very happy that communication with her is much easier than with other co-workers.

We originally had big plans with her, but then when covid19 came, we kept her at the branch in Ústí nad Labem. We planned that Ayura would be the one who will work at the branch in Děčín. It is possible that I will move her there later. For now, she is waiting for her friend Wasin, whom she persuaded years ago to retrain as a masseur so they can travel the world together. Wasin should arrive on 30.10.2020. So Wasin will be the second male reinforcement in our team. Keep your fingers crossed that we have a lot of participation in Děčín and Ayura and Wasin will be able to work together there.