Professional Thai massages

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So here we are again after the coronavirus period. We experienced a difficult time when we had to close our branch on Thai massage in Ústí nad Labem for the period from 16th March 2020 until 11th May 2020. It cost us a lot of money. What we are very happy about is that we got to know our employees and clients more.

Of course, we had a lot of thoughts. It no longer became easy, when only Ket ceased to be the only masseuse, and then you create a business in which one tries to satisfy the needs of more clients, employees and then leads in the head commitments as plans, dreams of the future. This is linked to the planned additional incoming employees from Thailand, who are unfortunately stuck in Thailand. This business has become more of a heartbeat. Because as you can see, it’s not about money. We had to borrow money for this coronavirus period and it never occurred to us that we would not continue our business. We were very pleased that you asked us to open earlier. In addition to giving leaders a degree of responsibility to others, we have found that we are important to you. We are very happy. We were very sorry that we could not help you with the pain.

Our masseuses would be bored if we didn’t open it now. They are very much looking forward to you. See you soon? Book them online.

Thanks to everyone who helped alleviate this COVID time. Do you know anyone who would really deserve more relaxation from these people? Let us know. We would like to benefit these people at least once.

Heroes of COVID 19