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Thai Herbal Steam Sauna

When we are in a polluted urban environment for a long time, we should wash off the herbal steam bath as one of the possible options for detoxifying the body and defending the organism. It is the most natural and millennia-proven method.

Nowadays, the plant vapor becomes increasingly popular. Our Thai-style steam sauna with capacity for one person is quite simple but spectacular. This is a circular hanging with stool inside. Below it is a boiling water bath together with special herbs. Steam together with herbal essences help to improve health by inhalating and acting on the surface of the body.

The Cure under the curtain

This procedure is practiced by water vapour saturated with healing energy of herbs, trees and possibly minerals or metals also from water. The importance of this treatment lies in the fact that it helps to activate the own defensive forces of the organism. The follow-on Thai massage, which you can improve with this body balm, aims to remove physical and energy blocks and thus induce an absolute state of relaxation of the body and soul.


Specifically, this sauna or herbal steam bath also improves blood circulation and refreshes the body. Provides soft, radiant skin Relieves pain. Moderate diseases or symptoms that can be treated with herbal steam. Such as allergies, asthma with mild symptoms. Nowadays, the plant vapor becomes increasingly popular. It is used by mothers who have given birth. Or those who have somehow injured themselves. It is also great for helping to reduce subcutaneous fat.

We offer it in time range 30. Book it online with the price preview. Ideally in front of Thai massage.
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The thermo-regulating effect, which is caused by the influence of the different heat of the body and steam, causes the skin to be swayed with microdroplets of water from herbal vapor.

It usually contains herbal ingredients:

  • Zingiber montanum- improves blood flow and helps normal function.
  • Lemon Grass- helps to detoxify the body and prevents the formation of inflammation.
  • Bergamot- helps to detoxify the body.
  • KURMU- prevents the formation of free radicals and aging of the skin, brightens the skin.
  • The leaves of Tamarin- helps to eradicate inflammation, softens the skin.
  • Camphor- reduces body aches, swelling, bruising, stimulates and nourishes the heart.
  • and further: Borneol (*)- stretches the bronchi, stimulates breathing, encourages heart activity, stimulates the brain, detoxifies,

* One component of many essential oilsused in the production of flavor additives (flavourings) and in the perfume industry. It has a nice balsamic, woody/herbal scent.