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We offer two forms of delivery. Each form of delivery is in relation to the type of service or goods supplied.

Deliver services which are the subject of a gift from the buyer, which will then pass it on to the gifted

The services are supplied in the following ways:

  • Delivery services,
  • Picking up at a branch
  • Email

Two forms of delivery of gift service:

  • Coupon . I usually deliver them in an electronic version by e-mail for subsequent use in the reservation system at the end of the last step of the reservation and for use in the box.
  • Voucher, which is in paper form and replaces payment in money up to the value of price list . These can be delivered in all the offered ways, but only by email is not possible.

Get the goods

The item where you choose the delivery method selected by the carrier or pick up at the branch.

Delivery time

It depends on the choice of payment. With payment transfer is goods or services handed over for processing and preparation of dispatch and subsequently handed over for transport. The length of transport is governed by the specified length and business conditions of the transport company.

Coupons are settled to the next day after receipt of payment after payment is received.

A number can be given in the format e.g. D + 2, where D means one day of preparation and subsequently the number of days for delivery by the transport service.