Professional Thai massages

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You can also feel like visiting our massage salon in such a way that you have not just visited a masseur, but a physiotherapist who is trying to break down the problem by stretching the body. But a physiotherapist does much more than can be done with us. There are also Thai masseurs who are certainly at such a qualitative level.

Massage without stretching may not solve your problem completely. In this you can see a clear difference between classical and Thai massage! Thai massage is a solution with a different view of the body . That’s why it’s so popular.

Everyone who visited our massage studio and was at a Thai massage for the first time did not spare enthusiasm. Anyone who has had experience with Thai massage before that could compare. Fortunately, we belong to the better quality rankings, among the great competition of Thai salons both in Prague and in Usti nad Labem.

Different cultures have different ideas about the body

For people in the Western world, access to things is direct and only when they want something, need it or have a problem with something else. Only when his back hurts does he seek help. Classic massage or massage in general, it is often used for people only when it hurts somewhere and people in the West have it applied exactly in places.

In China, India, Thailand, Japan, Tibet, etc. it does not look at man as an anatomical whole of bones, muscles and organs, but much more as an energy system. Thus, through energy points and pathways, not only the directly diseased organ or part of the body is treated, but also the points themselves or the pathway. Illness or nausea is considered an expression of the imbalance between the various energies that together make up a person.