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Ancient representation of the body. You can see such and other similar images at bangkok’s famous Wat Pho Temple.

Thai massage is as breathtaking as Thai cuisine or the beauty of Thai women. It is the result of the influence of Chinese medicine and Indian yoga. The balance of this massage is remarkable. It releases energy lines, stretches and culminates with large yoga axes (posture), which the untrained person does not reach himself. Despite the intensity and work with deep structures, traditional massage is not exhausting for the masseur or for the massaged. If you see a good Thai masseur at work, you may feel that Traditional Thai massage is actually a meditation. Thai massage is nothing erotic. This is a medical massage. For this, Thai oil massage it is combined with the traditional one and is more relaxing and offers several variants of the application e.g.. as a hot stone massage, Thai herbal massage, etc.

The idea of energy pathways taking place throughout the body is the basis of Thai medical learning. Thai massage knows the most important ten. Using a network of energy lines (Prán Nadi) the human being is powered by life force. Western science is still in doubt about the existence of these pathways. It can be verified practically when it is achieved recovery or at least from the current disease. Disturbances in the flow of energy reduce the level of Prány in the body and lead to the development of the disease. Working on energy tracks together with massage of pressure points removes blockades, promotes the free flow of Crows and restores the return of health and a sense of well-being. More or less, the same theory is found in Chinese acupuncture and Japan’s Shiatsu, which evolved according to China, where energy tracks are called meridians.

Manual medicine, physiotherapy or chiropractor in Western medicine are much closer to Thai massage, but even here there is no work with energy pathways and points; the theory of these disciplines is based on knowledge of anatomy. Only a reflective massage is approaching Thai with its approach to energy points.

Each massage is also tasked with invoking physical, psychological relaxation and joy for you, family or friends. If you are interested in ordering a massage, use the reservation system or use our eShop to purchase vouchers.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage it is carried out on the ground or massage bed with a harder mattress in loose and comfortable clothing or on a bare body with the help of towels. Similar to Chinese massages (tuina or anmo) and other acupressure massages such as Chinese massages, chinese massages (tuina or anmo) and other acupressure massages such as chinese massages. Shiatsu. Other Thai massages are performed in combination with the traditional undressed body and etc. with massage oil. Thai massages can only be called if they are as they are taught in Thai schools today and thus retain learning from traditional Thai massage.

Thais have a “patent” on this art, in the form that only Thajec can obtain official certification. Other certificates in Thailand are issued to foreigners in quick courses by schools completely unofficially and cannot be considered as a real confirmation of the transfer of knowledge and experience, something that we could compare to a copy. See Philippine masseuses.

Other differences between classical European and Thai massage

Thanks to the techniques and the implementation of Thai massage, it can be carried out by a woman of smaller stature and without such great effort. Sports or so-called classical massage is very physically demanding for the masseur. He’s just concentrating on working with muscles and soft tissue. A female masseuse of classical massage often does not have to handle a massage as skilled as a man or Thai masseuse. That’s why our Thai masseuses are often a surprise with the strength they have.

History of Thai massage

Jivaka Kumar Bhakka

The oldest roots of Thai massage lie in India. Thai massage came to Thailand together with Buddhism. The legendary founder of this art was a North Indian doctor, known as Jivaka Kumar Bhakka, a part of the Buddha and a personal physician of King Magadha Mimbisary 2,500 years ago. Not so long ago, when Thai massage was provided only by Buddhist temples. Modern times and tourism in Thailand caused the expansion to other places, with massage oil and combining traditional Thai massage with techniques used with oil massage.

In Thailand, this founder is called Dr. Jivaka and is also considered discoverers of the healing power of plants and minerals. Three components of Ayurvedic medicine are steam bath, plant treatment and massage. In our country, a combination of these components is offered e.g. as an herbal massage. Aromatherapy is also on offer since March 2018.

Thailand has a great history in terms of developments in that view of the map that we know now. Thailand has been formed for a very long time. It is a mixture of nations from all sorts of “kingdoms”, from which Thailand was then formed. Thanks to the smaller layout, the Thai massage developed in two places. To the north in the site of today’s Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai) formerly the kingdom of Lan Na and southern style from Bangkok. Today we say from Bangkok, but previously the capital was Ayutthaya, according to which the kingdom was also called 1350 to 1767. The transformation of borders and the form of the kingdom was more variable almost every century.
This was more of a bit of a zoom. More about the styles from which schools of these styles and techniques came out, we describe sometime later.

Today, among other things, we know Wat Pho in Bangkok as the centre of Thai massages and traditional medicine as the first public university since 1955. Where some teachers of their pupils, Thai masseurs, learned, if they did not learn directly in Wat Pho or Chiang Mai themselves.


Whoever visits a good Thai masseur may also have the impression that he did not visit just a masseur, but may feel as if he has visited a physiotherapist who does not solve the problem just by massage itself. He or she can combine both styles of massages according to the proportions of the body and the problems they need to correct.
The massage itself does not always offer a solution to the problem. Therefore, a good Thai masseur also corrects by stretching and stirring the body, dealing with acupressure points and others that have already been said. Thus, it can also combine techniques.

Good Thai masseurs have an advantage in a different view of the body. To do this, if they have the right guidance from a good teacher and charged knowledge, they are skilled, so these combinations provide the best prerequisites for practicing. This makes them different from the others.