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Donate a Thai massage voucher or coupons to anyone you love or want to repay. Or perhaps to someone you want to outline, that he should relax a little and take care of himself. For whoever you want to induce a sense of well-being. Choose the kind of procedure you think will be the best. If you don’t, you don’t mind. It is possible to agree with us and the recipient can. I pay the difference between the price of the procedure appointed on the voucher and the price of another procedure also in the pricelist. Do you know the advice to choose a massage? Leave it to the blessed. Choose a voucher or coupon at the price value.

In our online store you choose

We offer vouchers in paper form and there are coupons in electronic form. All you buy online. Gift Vouchers are in the name and it is good to include the name of the recipient in the online order. Coupons are without a name. These are just a special code that is added to our booking engine. It can also be prepared for the printing of the recipient.

Vouchers and coupons for every occasion

  • Birthdays or Denomins
  • Anniversary
  • Valentýn
  • On the day of women, mothers, fathers, children, etc.
  • Za pracovní zásluhy či jako pracovní benefit

It can be applied to all Ketom branches to which the services are provided.