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Specialized peeling massage to soften your skin. We remove old, dry and hard inanimate skin cells, clean the pores with a special cosmetic product with abrasive particles. Fine massage activates the microcirculation of the subcutaneous system. The body then better oxidizes and detoxifies. We will enhance the effects of an exfoliating oil massage by choosing a suitable one peeling (scrub). We use quality peelings. In addition to the mentioned effects, the peeling preparation also has an aromatherapeutic effect.

After this procedure, the skin softens, turns off and acquires a youthful appearance with velvety softness to the touch. It is also good to apply this procedure before and during the tanning season (unless the skin is burned). The skin treated in this way lasts better tanned and fresh.

We offer in three variants:

It is recommended to apply this massage a maximum of once a week.