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Thai aromatic oil massage is quite a bit like Thai oil massage with the difference that the traditional part of the massage is omitted and has above all a relaxing effect. The Thai masseuse does not solve the problems that could hurt with the massage, which could disrupt relaxation. Mostly still at the end of this massage the part that stretches the muscles (yoga part) can be omitted or lightly performed, so you can relax the whole massage more until the end. Sometimes this final part is a bit suitable for encouragement or awakening.

Benefit of this massage in addition, the aroma is therapeutic and thus a greater relaxing effect. By using essential oils that act on the nervous system, it is a therapy for the mind and body. It combines the effects of touch with the power of olfactory sensations.

Together with quality massage oil, we use quality natural essential oils, which you can choose according to our current offer in the salon. It smells nice of the salon environment and the skin. Some essential oils have positive effects on both the body and the skin. They calm, increase immunity, heal, disinfect, etc.
If you want, this massage can only be relaxing without the use of aromatic oils. Everyone can choose according to the current offer in the salon.