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In time variants: 30 min. | 60 min. | 90 min.
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It is about massage lower body. Reflexology foot massage, calf and thigh massage. In a longer variant, care is also given to massages of the shoulders, neck and head.

Reflex points on the feet can indicate problems with the functioning of organs in our bodies and also affect them. Pain at some points can tell us problems with organs, and according to the map of reflex points we can find this or that organ is energetically in imbalance.

It has the same relaxing effects as see Massage of the back, etc. (find out more) - upper body. Plus foot massage has more of a plus. There are many energy points on the feet that favorably affect the functioning of internal organs. Foot massage is not recommended for pregnant women, who could have a negative effect on the fetus of the child and so massages for pregnant women does not perform.

If you have been to Thailand, it is a massage that you may have met most often in various places, even at markets, beaches, or directly in massage parlors. Often practiced only on a comfortable chair with a footrest or directly on a massage bed.