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In time variant from: 30 min.
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Upper body massage. Primarily

  • Back, neck, shoulders, arms and head (as after any Thai massage).
  • It is applied to the upper part of the body where the client has soft tissue pain.
Massage of the back

Mostly chosen by clients, especially when dealing with an unhealthy lifestyle. It is not a massage performed for relaxation reasons, but above all for regenerative or physiotherapeutic reasons. Here, a combination of different styles of massages from different Thai schools is used. Both the traditional Thai massage and the oil.

Thai head massage helps to continuously stimulate the energy of the head, face and ears and thus promotes calm relaxation and bliss of your mind and spirit. It reduces stress and headaches, increases creativity, concentration, clarity of thought, awareness, calm and understanding with others. Improves hair condition. The head massage is always applied after each Thai massage.

Feeling out of this Thai massage you may also have such that you have not just visited a masseur, but a physiotherapist who is trying to break down the problem by stretching the body.

Here, the approach to the client is often solved individually. If the masseur finds painful places, it is necessary to pay attention to them more often visits to our salon. It is not possible to solve the problem right at one massage. If your budget is limited, shorter but more frequent therapies are recommended. ( Smaller instructions.)