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Practice since 2014
Qualification: 150 hours Thai massage course, Step 1 (state exam)
In Ketom since 2016 as a masseuse and owner

Ket or Ketmanee is still a masseuses from the very beginning in the company Ketom S.R.O. and together with his friend also the owner of the company.

Learning, knowledge and certifications

She graduated from the school for Thai Massage in Bangkok.

Her knowledge gained after 3 months of intensive training in her native country in Thailand, where she also gained practice prior to arrival in Bohemia. Subsequently, she supplemented the certification for a state exam called Step One, which later became a requirement for other quality staff in Ketom. This test or other higher grades confirm that the masseurs are at a higher level. Thus, it is a confirmation that her knowledge was drawn in the school under the right direction and she herself from a teacher, who by the way she was taught in the legendary monastery of Wat Pho in Bangkok. After all, her teacher has Step 3 and graduated from other schools, so in her school, Ket taught both styles of Thai massage (not just from Wat Pho), which Ket very well combines according to the needs and problems of the body. Her skillful hands, knowledge and practice shifted her to a leaderboard of better and highly rated colleagues. Several people appreciated it for the fact that this tiny woman has the strength. (But he says he doesn't have much strength... It's a good soul:)


Her practice in the Czech Republic began around the beginning of August 2014. Until the end of January 2017, she worked in Prague. He has been working for his company since December 2016.
She is still interested in expanding her expertise. It comes from the northeastern part of Thailand called Issan and the Mukdahan region. He speaks English and learns Czech. Most communication is ensured by the touches of her hands, by which she herself recognizes the problem on the body.


It is ready to devote your body with care and attentibility, because every person is unique. It is a professional who is always looking forward to your visit and welcomes you with a good mood.

Maybe we can reveal that the earlier Ket was also a successful hairdresser. Her fate took her from a farm in the Mukdahan area to Bangkok, where she became a nurse, and then when she found out that she could potentially make more money, she requalified herself. Being a masseuses and helping her a lot of fun. Worse for her as a company owner is a confrontation with Thai employees.