Professional Thai massages

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As the government of the Czech Republic has already announced, it will be possible to visit massage salons and other facilities for the purpose of body care (except for those services that disrupt the integrity of the skin) as early as 3. May 2021 and if the situation by 26. April will not worsen. Accordingly, the government is setting up a "timetable" which will instruct all visitors, as consumers of services, to bring bring with you a confirmation of a negative covid test. Wearing respirators throughout the stays as well remains as well as disinfection of hands after arrival. The only exception will be if the client will be able to remove the veil while he has his face down into the face hole provided. The client then breathes towards the floor. There is no other way.

Clients will also have to keep their spacing, so please enter the reception only if there is no other client. The reception is small enough to accommodate more than one client, thus maintaining a sufficient distance from everyone in the room, including the staff.

Perhaps everything will be facilitated by a planned application, in which there will be an overview of the vaccinated or tested person who will visit the given service establishment.