Professional Thai massages

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Update: 29.4.2021
On the third day of May in 2021, on Monday we open our old well-known branch on Thai massage in Ústí nad Labem. We will keep it closed in Děčín for now (at least 2 following weeks from May)
  • You need to come in a respirator that you will need to wear on your mouth and nose. And only if you have a face down in the face hole, you don't have to.
  • And from that date you will need to bring confirmation
    • for antigen negative test not older than 72 hours;
    • or proof of covid not older than 90 days;
    • or vaccination certificate and also show us;
    • or a certificate of in-service testing (The employer will write a solemn declaration with your personal data, indicate when the test was and time, mention the test result). Not older 72 hours test.
Can you arrange this and show us at the workplace? So you can book.
It cannot be proved by a self-test from home.
An overview of test centers is here (You can order testing online on the website of the testing centers and on some weekends as well)

Testing with antigenic tests is free of charge in laboratories every third day by the health insurance company.

Unfortunately, self-tests performed in the premises for clients are not allowed by the government. Maybe it will change.

Together we will manage this and we hope that no one will get infected with setting rules and at the same time our employees will remain in the best health condition thanks to your responsible approach to these responsibilities. Thank you. However, if these obligations seem unsatisfactory for you, then be sure to move the reservation to the membership base and come another day. Nor do we recommend going elsewhere where staff are irresponsible and have not set up a safe environment for all.