Professional Thai massages

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The salon, planned by us for about two years, has been open since the beginning of October 2020. It is located in Thomayerova Street, opposite the pharmacy and next to the car battery store. Thai masseuse Ket works there at selected times. We originally planned to work there Ayura with my friend Wasin, but in the end there were big changes that we could not influence.

It is a bit more complicated time, but so far those who have already tried our employees and who have received recommendations from them are slowly making reservations for the new branch. The first reservation was made by a client who probably lives in Děčín, but came to visit us at massages in Ústí nad Labem .

The space looks much better than when we started in Ústí nad Labem at the end of 2016. The price is about double, but the space is also bigger, nicer and quieter. Parking is possible right at the salon door and free of charge. It is several hundred meters from the train station on the way around the police station. We have a cadastral office around the corner. Quite a quiet place. The exterior of the building is very interesting. We have colored the interior green so that you can aim more fresh from the beginning.

All conditions remain the same as they were in Ústí nad Labem. We are looking forward to online reservation and a visit Thai massages in Děčín .