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Booking process and reservation terms

Only a person with their own personal informationcan book the procedure . These are used to send comments and important information regarding booking or to cancel it online by the user or salon itself.

You enter purposefully:

  • Name and surname
  • Phone number and email address

A user account is created for you the first time you make a reservation. The email address is the main information for creating a user account in the system. Therefore, you cannot create two different accounts with one email address! For those who have been misused by someone who has violated these booking terms, you may be able to discover the email already being used, etc. Edit your data at the Membership Baseto agree to your information. You log in with your email and generate your password (if you don’t know). Pak by mělo být opět bez hlášení o používání emailu.
If you enter an email address other than that of the recipient as the person you are, you will lose the options and benefits that the booking system sends to the email, thus violating the booking terms. Reservations may be cancelled.

Do not enter a space after your email address.

By using our reservation system, you consent to the processing of personal data.

Right to change the booking time by Keto

We don’t like to do this, but we reserve the right to change the time by five to ten minutes 4 hours before the scheduled deadline to optimize the reservation.

We need to consult with you for a longer time than ten minutes. Although we don’t usually do it because we respect your choice, as your optimal leisure time.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be cancelled under certain conditions. However, we still recommend moving the already created reservation to the 4h limit before the scheduled date at the Membership Base. The transfer between 4th hour and scheduled time may result in a restriction of membership (if not prepaid for the reservation), loss of payment for the service paid in advance by all the forms of payment offered or coupon payment (coupon redeeming).

Only if you accidentally created a reservation or want to cancel it in the future, you always have a cancellation link in your email that is only 4 hours before the deadline. Click on it and confirm the cancellation again on our site. The page asks if you want to confirm the cancellation. Then click “Confirm” to cancel the reservation and along with the payment and coupon (if used)

Active reservations with a coupon used or other form of payment in advance are not available and can only be rescheduled at the Membership Base, which is intended for rescheduling. Alternatively, you would cancel it, you will lose your payment by coupon or other form of payment in advance.

Do not cancel booking with coupon or advance payment

If you cancel a reservation with a coupon or advance payment via the cancellation link, you will lose the entire reservation with a coupon or other form of payment. The coupon you will once apply is once applied, so the system is already registering it as used. Membership base moves bookings to other time slot that you choose from it yourself.

Cancellation fee

If you don’t reach an agreed date that you haven’t cancelled or moved within the 4 hours in advance limit, the cancellation fee is 100%.

We value the reserved time according to the price list of the reserved service and its length (100% cancellation fee).
We cannot respond to cancellation requests or other changes by email or phone. A reservation system and Membership Base works for us.

Transfer of the term in the Member Base

It can only be moved within a limit of up to 4h before the deadline. Moved bookings within the 4-to-time reservation with the preferred payment used may be cancelled without compensation, so the payment always defaults with the cancelled reservation. If you move without prior payment, you will then be sent a non-arrival report to the procedure and a change in the terms of the member.

The non-compliant booking is cancelled by moving the reservation, or any advance payments will be transferred to the new reservation. You can then get confirmation by email about the cancelled reservation and the newly created reservation for the newly selected time slot.

Advance payment disputes

The membership base shows the payments. If there is no confusion about the payment made, the payment applied or the coupon used by the member itself in the membership base can be shown. In the event of a disagreement, the member will not be shown in the Membership Base that he has paid, does not prove the payment in advance, then the payment is always in cash.

Other conditions

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