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Once you make a reservation in our system, you automatically become a Ketom member. According to the conditions of the reservation, it must be created by everyone and on their own.

Membership phase:

  • Newcomer / Beginner - a person who has never been to us and / or cannot cancel a reservation by reference to cancel the reservation (to be found in the email)or can't reschedule the reservation in Membership base . Do you think that no longer applies to you, and we forgot to switch you to a Regular Member? Write us.
  • Regular member - an experienced client who works with us with more experience than Newcomer. He / she should be able to cancel the reservation himself / herself and also reschedule it in the Membership Base.
  • VIP member - a client with long-term experience and very regular attendance. More information.

Phase Newcomer / Beginner was added after the experience since 2016 with new clients, among whom there were often those who did not come to their reservation and thus unnecessarily blocked time to Regular and VIP members.

Newcomers / beginners must pay in advance by card or coupon, and members who have experience with canceling reservations online and transferring reservations online at the Membership Base can pay in cash or checks at the massage parlor. This is a counter-reservation that no one could come up with (including possible ones that could have been created by competitors).

So take advantage of the benefits we have for you:

Membership is cancelled two years after the last visit, thus deleting all personal data.
A regular member can be switched to Beginner if we find that he cannot cancel or reschedule the reservation. This applies mainly to those who came to us before the introduction of Newcomer status.

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