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You probably know several types of saunas. Among the most famous are the dry, infrared and steam ones. People have known about sauna long ago, and thanks to the beneficial effects of the sauna, it is no wonder that people from cold regions are saunaed, but also in places where not everyone would expect it. Our type of sauna comes from Thailand. It is about herbal steam sauna.

Among other things, the heat from the sauna is also very beneficial for the body as a preparation for the next one Thai massage. For warming up the body and good blood circulation to problematic areas that need to be massaged.

Additional benefits of the sauna

  1. Increasing blood circulation results in an increase in blood flow in the body.
  2. Helps maintain high body temperature.
  3. It helps to secret harmful substances from the body with sweat through enlarged pores.
  4. It helps the respiratory tract dissolve phlegm, making it easier to release it.
  5. Helps relieve throat irritation.
  6. Relax and relieve pain.
  7. Helps to temporarily reduce body weight.
  8. It provides skin care, relieves itching, rash and relaxes nonviolent and non-infectious skin conditions.

The Sauna is not for all

Read more about contraindications og sauning.


We have everything you need for our sauna. You don’t have to wear towels.