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This Code is intended for all and part just for men:

  • Go for a massage session in time. Preferably at least 10 minutes before the agreed date.
  • Follow the instructions of the receptionist and masseuse.
  • Relax with a massage.
  • Talk to a masseuse about possible contraindications of massage, bodily problems, pains, etc..
  • Save the attention of the masseuse. Excessive listening, the masseuse does not have to devote herself to her work. Massage does not have to have such an effect. Thai massage is more complicated against other massages (includes more techniques).
  • The only one who can touch someone is the masseuse.
  • Keep in mind that massage is something that is supposed to relieve your pain, help relax your muscle tension and help your body or your health. well psychic well-being.
  • Do not browse the masseuse at work (we recommend closing your eyes and relaxing).
  • Don’t make any personal suggestions.
  • We recommend the shower after half an hour. Ideally after two hours.
  • Do not plan physical exertion after the massage. At least two hours after the massage, keep your time for some quiet activity, relaxation or sleep. During this time drink a lot.

In case of inappropriate behavior (mainly sexual harassment, touches or glances), the masseuse can end the massage without claiming a refund!

You are entitled to end your massage and refund only for health reasons or finding out the unsuitability of the massage within 10 minutes of starting the massage.