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Contraindications to massage

In this case, it must not be massaged at all

  • Vascular, venous, heart defects.
  • Cancer.
  • Osteoporosis (sparse, slightly brittle bones)
  • Abdominal injuries.
  • Diseases of the abdominal cavity associated with inflammation or bleeding.
  • More serious bleeding conditions (hemophilia, leukemia, etc.).
  • Immediately after a meal.
  • Total physical exhaustion.
  • Conditions requiring bed rest.
  • Feverish or acute inflammatory diseases.

It must not be massaged in these places

  • In places of purulent or fungal diseases.
  • In places of inflamed joints.
  • In places of bleeding injuries or more extensive contusions, fractures, etc.
  • In places of burns, scalds, etc.
  • In places of varicose veins, inflammation of the veins or leg ulcers.
  • In places of swelling of unclear origin.
  • In sensitive areas such as the humerus, elbow, armpits, groin, front of neck.
  • In places of birthmarks, warts and ulcerative affections.
  • Belly of pregnant women and women with menstruation.
  • Abdomen in his acute illnesses.
  • Landscape of genitals and breasts in women.
  • Where the surface of the edges and the thorns of the bones are close.

Now that you know what the counter indication for massage is, you must avoid massage or, if it is just a local contraindication, notify the massage staff.