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If you don't see the time you need here, at the latest at least one hour before your free time, make sure that it has become loose.

And what else should you try to find time for a shorter massage? If you do not find a suitable time for the length of the massage you would like, choose a shorter variant of the massage. If not, it can sometimes be found later in its original length.

The times are released no later than 4 hours in advance by the users of the reservation system, so you can always book at the last minute before 4 at any time. throw and between 1. the throw you need to occupy. Or the times are freed up by the reservation system administrator even after a 4-hour period. This is less common.

Free times that you check less than an hour before the desired time for booking are no longer visible and only those free hours that are longer than an hour before are displayed. We have it set up this way, because our working hours are flexible and we do not always have to be in the establishment. So we have a few minutes to get to the establishment. For all this, 50 minutes + 10 minutes are yours to prepare for a massage (eg consultation, shower, etc.).

It is also possible that someone is on vacation. You can find out in the overview of staff availability according to the given salon in:

We can rather recommend not choosing a worker. This will give you more time options for booking.