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From several ways to book procedures For two or more, we have decided to describe the best one that also fits the booking conditions and was thus the ideal way to choose the time that suits both.

Thai massage for two and more. Book each on your mobile or other device

There are only free time slots in the reservation system. Those unavailable are not displayed.

The question is, can you be in the same room?

This is usually possible. We have rooms with two beds in one room. Enter together and you will probably be placed in the same room.

Follow every each one of you on own mobile or other device and according to these instructions and it will be according to the conditions of the reservation:

  • Select branch (if available)
  • Mark the procedure in the reservation system (each with the required length)
  • Each of you is a different masseuse (eg one chooses a masseur YZX and the other chooses a masseuse XYZ - important)
  • Then choose the common nearest date on which you wish to have a reservation
  • Choose the common time that is displayed to the individual employees of the massage salon
  • Everyone reserves and in their own name and other details
  • Probably couples can be together in one room
  • If it happens that it would not work out for one, more information on how to cancel the reservation, then you will find in the email - booking confirmation.
  • To reschedule, similar to this guide in Membership base (in the menu under Benefits for members).

If you want a massage earlier, you may be willing to wait for each other. In that case, the other can also relax at the reception, drink tea and read his book, use WiFi. Possibly. You can contact us to contact sauna or with other activity in the area.

As for mainly quality Thai massage or other procedures and not just come in two, so it makes sense for yourself or. and wait.

Be aware that a common date can sometimes be difficult to find for the next few days, but you will definitely find unoccupied dates for the following weeks or months.

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