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This massage was originated in India more than 2500 years ago and together with the knowledge of the body according to Chinese doctrine and medicine, intersected in Thailand.

This is an in-depth massage. The theoretical basis for this body work style is the existence of an “energy body” that includes the energy paths that pass through the body. Pressure is exerted on specific points and the body stretches through yoga stretching to release blockages, release and restore the energy flow in the body. Massage oil or emulsion is not used for this massage. Only balsam on really problematic parts of soft tissue can be used. The task is to heat or cool the part (or both).

Traditional Thai massage is the basis for all other Thai massages. Any masseuse or masseur who can master the technique of this massage can be theoretically said to apply other types of Thai massages based on this tradition.

More history of Thai massage (link).

So how is it massaged?

Traditional Thai massage
Thai traditional massage with yoga stretching

It is not kneading soft tissue after the fibers (muscle, etc.), as is the case with Thai oil massage, but pressures develop on this soft tissue. So it is a mixture of acupressure, work with energy and gentle yoga stretching (see history of Thai massage). The client, or as our member in this procedure, wears comfortable clothes that he receives from us. Lies on the floor with a hard to soft mattress or on a massage bed. In a more heated environment, a masseuse can also use a towel instead of a clothing, through which she exerts massage pressures just as she does through clothes. For those more shy, it may be a good thing to wear and quite practical as well, due to the manipulation of the massaged, changing positions (on the stomach, back, sitting).


It releases stiff joints, stretches muscles, increases range of motion, and reduces mental stress. It is well suited for people with a lot of muscle or fat tissue due to the possibility of variable body pressure, according to the technique used or “school”. It fits all those who can bear more pressure on the body.


It dows not cope with muscle stress as well as skillfully as Thai oil massage, which is also more suitable for people who are hypersensitive to pain or are also “beginners” for Thai massage. The problematic parts may hurt, but it will be over time and fine.


It is therefore a more regenerative massage. It is not very suitable for relaxation itself, because there is more manipulation with the body. Someone perceives such a massage as more painful, but these are just “problematic” places that have to undergo a massage to regenerate. Anyone who has ever tried this massage can call it a breaking massage, but may have felt as if something was wrong with him. Indeed, some of us sometimes can not admit it and prefer to call this Thai massage “breaking”. It is just not right.

To ensure the best flow of energy flow in the body and the Thai concept of Thai masseurs’ view of the body as a whole, this massage is done from “heel to head”.

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