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It has always been a sought-after procedure, and at this moment the popularity of massage is still rising. This is mainly due to the hasty and incorrect way of accessing yourself for time-consuming reasons and lifestyle. People have a lack of movement. It is due to sedentary employment or their bodies, and they disproportionately overload the unilateral movement burden. The subsequent lack of regeneration of the tired organism does not benefit the body either. There are also athletes who are too interested in their training. Impatience on dream results underestimate scant and recovery processes. Everyone whether you work in an office or an athlete or a physically working person, you should take care of your body and go to a massage regularly.


Each activity leads to greater or less physical or psychological fatigue.

If we want to have an active life and regenerate faster, we must include it in our time program active regeneration, Which massage for sure it is.

What is a massage?

It is one of the oldest known methods of healing. The evidence of its use in therapeutic therapy comes not only from ancient China, from the oldest recognized medical text, Nei Ching. It is also mentioned in the history of massage egypt, India, Thailand, etc. In China, it’s been over 4,000 years since the massage evolved. In Egypt there is evidence of massage from the period before 2300 years BC.

Throughout history, it has been in all cultures a massage and It is used as a therapeutic agent for physical and mental illnesses and problems In many countries, massage is primarily a historical tradition, passed down for centuries in the family or in recognized communities, such as religious temples (see, for example, Thai massage). In some countries, they start massaging their offspring as soon as their navel heals.

It is thus a conscious application of thousands of years old techniques from people who are more connected to nature. People in the West seem to have forgotten and are returning to the old practices that have been working for so long, and then paradoxically call it “alternative medicine.” We are also talking about working with reflex points versus massages that are u Thai massage used for centuries. The people of Asia still maintain their view of massages. These are practices that are as common there as in our country, the use of e.g. comb for hair. Daily massage is more important to them and has a bigger role to play than just relieving tension, relaxing stiff muscles and relieving physical pain.

It is well known that massage it helps relieve fatigue, stress and other unpleasant conditions that we can cause during daily activities. Therefore, it is intended for almost everyone.

What good is a massage for?

As a healing method, with its many therapeutic effects, it acts on the whole body, brings energy, releases and refreshes, cures.