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We are Ketom sro and on the page about contacts you will find more information.

We must first tell you that your personal information is safe and your data security is important to us. You will never find your data lying on the table somewhere. Usually, your data is secured in data warehouses, encrypted and encrypted. They are kept under locks in a very minimal amount. Only the necessary number of people have access to this data in order to protect your data and at the same time our business. All in accordance with the law.

What personal data do we process?

There are several ways we can get your information.

  • Through a reservation system;
  • purchasing online through our online electronic environment for purchasing services and goods;
  • via the contact form;
  • through third party services that you use for your convenience and communication with us and some are part of our marketing campaigns
  • camera system at the branches and only in areas outside the ongoing massage, ie. cameras can be placed e.g. in the place for receiving clients

They are obtained for this purpose:

  • We ask for your personal information such as your name, email address and telephone number so that we can subsequently communicate with you, remind you of appointments by our system and identify orders, reservations. Data is also collected to protect our business.
  • We do not provide any information to persons for no reason or to anyone in any way that they can handle. We provide personal data only to verified third parties who offer tools to facilitate communication with you, improve the user experience and for processing in accordance with the requirements of the law. See below for a list of third parties.
  • The data is stored for the necessary time and can be deleted on request.
  • Marketing
  • For the purpose of improving services and protection of employees and property

As written above, the data is processed to the extent according to the use of the platform

  • Reservation system and website incl. contact form
  • Eshop
  • Personal visit to us on our website or in our salon (monitoring offline events that you have made available to third parties)

We process them for the purpose and for what

Your personal data is collected for the purpose of processing according to the method you use to order services or goods. And according to the use of other services that you use and use for your own convenience or to communicate with others.

Furthermore, in order to monitor traffic and to improve services, incl. user interface improvements.

In order to protect our legal claims, our and your interests, to save time for all parties, we could handle all orders and reservations in the right way. The preparation of such an instruction also entitles us to execute such an instruction.

When you use the reservation system, we process your personal data in order to identify the person who is to use the service and we use the contact information so that we can send you confirmation of reservations, including details regarding the reservation and the possibility of canceling reservations. Furthermore, in order to minimize your non-participation of booked dates, we also remind you of meetings. We also register those persons who caused us inconvenience in the irresponsible non-cancellation of the reservation via the electronic interface or by telephone, according to the conditions of the reservation.
By trying to make reservations online, we also prevent the possibility of obtaining information in any way other than encrypted to an unauthorized person.

When you use the contact form, we process your personal data to identify the person who contacts us with the communication or question, and we use the contact information to answer you.

When you log in to our site, your login will be remembered, cookies are set to store your data for a maximum of 10 hours, if you do not log out yourself and so that the login data is removed from the cookies.


As part of our activities, we process personal data for various purposes and to various extents either:

  1. without your consent based on our legitimate interest; according to the fulfillment of the contract or the stated conditions on the website and the fulfillment of our legal obligations
  2. or with your consent.

With your consent, we pass on data to third parties to display offers on other websites and also to make certain additional features of web services available to you.

Which personal data we may process without your consent depends on the purpose for which the processing is intended and which platform you will perform on our or the contractual partner's website. If you are a visitor only to our website or you also book a service from us or buy in our online store, where you register or make a purchase without a reservation.
Or you communicate with us by phone or some service that you also use or you come to our branch in person.

To preview the range according to the method of the selected platform according to the links above.

Who processes your personal data

If you would like to be informed of all the data we have about you or you want your data to be deleted, send us a message via contact form.

Just as every business has its subcontractors, so do we:

Your data is stored and processed here: Český webhosting sro ., Google , Facebook , ManyChat , MailChimp , Advice spol. s ro, Deposit , Shipping room , Wordfence , Stripe, TP-Link Corporation Limited depending on the scope, as well as how you use our website, book or order in our online store. The data are used to store data so that they can be processed for a maximum of two years; process certain data for marketing purposes; some for the purpose of e.g. answering your question or in order to deliver the order.

This website may collect data about you, use cookies, insert additional tracking from third parties and monitor your interaction with this embedded content, including tracking the interaction with embedded content if you have an account and are logged in to the website.

Posts on this site may contain embedded content (such as videos, images, articles, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the same way as if a visitor visited another website.

What are your rights?

If you have an account on our website, you can view your data in your user account, such as in the Member Base or in the My Account section. There, everyone can register them or with an automatically created membership (such as booking a service in the reservation system), they can also change them. You can also request the removal of any personal information we hold about you. This option does not include data that we are required to retain for administrative, legal or security reasons. This includes the fact that we keep data indefinitely for those who have made a reservation with us and damaged us by not participating - thus taking up time that could have been devoted to someone else and operating costs unnecessarily; or anyone who ordered goods from us that he did not pick up by cash on delivery. Because of our legitimate interest in protecting our business.

Where we send data

According to the headquarters and establishments of the listed companies, some data are sent outside the EU. E.g. your data is checked by antispams when we send you an email message. We use it to send SMS messages in an anonymized manner and then encrypt the phone number.

How we protect your personal information

We protect your data by encryption via SSL certificates and a work system to minimize the processing of data contained in orders and reservations between employees and contractual partners.

What automated decisions do we make and / or profile user data

We profile the data according to the received data in orders in the online store, reservation system

From whom we obtain data

It's mostly from you and the contractors. Companies Benefit sro, Facebook, ManyChat, List CZ,

Information obligation

It follows from the regulation EU 2016/679. In the Czech Republic, compliance with the Personal Data Act is supervised by the Office for Personal Data Protection. More information at