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In time variants: 90 min. | 120 min.
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Herbal treatment has deep roots in Thai culture. It is an ancient and in many Asian countries well-known and therefore popular massage method of body treatment with the help of bags filled with a mixture of herbs according to a proven recipe, which are heated in steam and release heat from herbs, which are applied to the skin by tapping the bags. This combination of herbs subsequently reduces pain and creates an aroma-therapeutic effect. Just like it is at hot stone massage, thanks to the heat too herbal Thai massage works deeply and thus better relaxes the muscles and tension in them. Just thanks pain-reducing herbs so this massage recommends that it be applied to people e.g. even after body injuries, various injuries, after operations or for chronic problems of clients, for whom they do not prevent massages from being applied to them in general.

First, a Thai oil or traditional massage is applied and then these herbs are used. Thai traditional massage cannot be used for people with impaired locomotor system. For such people, oil is more therapeutic.

Applying a massage shorter than 90 minutes does not make sense, so choose this massage with a minimum length of 90 minutes or a longer variant.

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