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Thai oil massage is combined with elements traditional Thai massage which come from Indian Ayurveda (the oldest healing system in the world). It helps the whole body, especially with back pain, muscle pain, joint problems, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system. You can feel the effect of this Thai massage right after the massage. The body harmonizes, heals, strengthens and provides it with perfect relaxation.

Thai oil massage

If a Thai masseur is from a good school and if applying Thai oil massage If he has a well-established foundation, he is definitely well placed to handle this massage. The basis is traditional Thai massage, from which this over thousands of years old foundation should be applied to all other Thai massages that we also have on offer. Including this oil massage, they are adapted to the needs of people who live in hurried times and need to reduce muscle stress more effectively. Greater efficiency is in muscle kneading with the help of oil, which, as time went on, got to Thailand together with tourism (about 50 years ago). Massage oil can be called "innovation" of Thai massage.

This massage It is mainly chosen by people who need to relieve muscle stress more effectively and are hypersensitive to pain. This oil massage is therefore gentler than a traditional Thai massage, because there is no such pressure on the body, but thanks to the oil, the emphasis is on more effective blood circulation through kneading or sliding on the muscle fiber. Which is impossible with traditional Thai massage, because it is used there as a mediator or medium, ie a fabric (clothing or towel), through which pressures are created on the body.

The procedure for such a massage should therefore be such that it starts with the elements of a traditional massage for muscle preparation (blood circulation, warming up) and then an oil massage is applied. At the end, there should be yoga stretching for more effective muscle relaxation. In that Relaxing Thai oil massage, stretching is usually omitted.

The ideal time for this procedure is from 1.5 hours or 2 hours, 3 hours. Because it is a full body massage.

We also offer massage specifically focused on body parts. In case of any major muscle stress or blockage.