Professional Thai massages

This is also available in: Deutsch ไทย

We have been at Moskevská 5 in Ústí nad Labem for a long time and we were not happy with our neighbours, but the building got a new owner who told us that he wants to change the use of the building to apartments. Therefore, even though we got the opportunity to stay for some time, but in conditions unacceptable to us, we decided to leave the area. We have also had long term issues with rude, unhelpful behaviour from the restaurant operator below us since he started running massages at this address.

Another massage area is in the pipeline.

Although between the closure of this address and the new one, it will be possible to make reservations for the new location. For coupons that expire in this interim period, please note that the date marked on the coupon is the date by which you must make a reservation for any date (just in the reservation system for the new establishment) and for any date after this date. The date indicated is the date by which you have until which to redeem the coupon. We do not extend the date on the coupon. After redeeming, you can move the date with the redeemed coupon in the Member Base almost indefinitely – that is, for a period of time that is relatively convenient, so that there really are no last-minute moves repeatedly.