Professional Thai massages

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In our booking system we offer the possibility to choose the intensity of the massage.

You may have chosen a strong massage intensity, but it wasn’t quite right. It could have been here or elsewhere. Maybe the massage wasn’t strong enough.

Wasn’t it strong enough?

If the masseur doesn’t know you, trust that he knows what he’s doing. The only thing they don’t need to know is if you’ve had regular massages elsewhere before and what the massage was like. So you need to start with everyone as if they hadn’t had a massage before. So it can’t exert that much intensity on your soft body parts. A person who is assumed to have probably started going to massage or is not using massage as often is more likely to have a higher risk of damage to the soft part of the body at a higher intensity. Therefore, the masseur must start the treatment with a looser intensity. Later on, if you show up more often and choose a higher massage intensity in the booking system, it is then possible to push the more relaxed soft parts with more intensity. So, if you don’t come to us regularly, don’t take the choice of a stronger massage intensity as a shortcut to a better massage or saving money. Feel free to choose a stronger intensity, but expect the masseur to be cautious depending on the situation and condition. We make sure that our staff is qualified enough to give the best massages.

If you need a massage, count on more repetitions to make you feel better.